Parking in Denmark


Within the scope of the “NordicHub” project, Easypark and SSE have jointly developed a platform that is groundbreaking for the Scandinavian countries. All parking processes of one town are live registered via a central infrastructure and can thus be monitored. Especially in cities with several service providers for mobile parking, this neutral platform can demonstrate its strengths.

ELS3 at the Swiss IVB self-help organization for the disabled in Basel


The “IVB Behindertenselbsthilfe” in Basel ( has opted for ELS3 as their new control system. The IVB, founded in 1932 under the name “Invaliden-Vereinigung Basel (IVB)” [Invalids Association Basel], is a social, political and religiously unaffiliated self-help organization. Since then the organization has worked consequently and professionally towards reaching their own self-appointed goals, and has constantly adapted these goals to current socio-political and medical circumstances. In addition to self-help and transportation services for disabled persons and patients, IVB also provides its 650 members with a school transportation service.

IVB relies on our ELS3 software for control centers with an Android application in vehicles. In addition to its basic features, the software has comprehensive functions for advance planning and accounting, and can also function as an interface with cantonal authorities.

Car-sharing with car2Go


For over a year now, car2Go, a subsidiary of Daimler AG, has been a client of SSE; we implemented and maintain a part of the platform for parking in offstreet-locations: car2Go users can simply park their cars on public parking places without having to worry about parking fees. SSE provides the global platform. For further information go tounter

New Android-App released

Android-App für ELS3 ist da

As of today, the Android app is available for our product ELS3. Together with the previously existing iPhone app, we are now represented on all major platforms for mobile devices: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We have also added some essential features to the basic range of functions such as the camera function sending photos from the incident scene directly to the control centers.

User-meeting ELS3 in June 2014


In June 2014 the “User Meeting ELS3 – 2014″ will be held in Constance. During the two-day event, there will be various topics: In addition to the exchange of experience between ELS3 users there will be presented the future product plans.  There will also be exciting project presentations, a look at the latest innovations and a small entertainment program. The venue is the Steigenberger Hotel in Constance, it can be expected over 50 invited guests.

G.A.R.D. relies on ELS3

In March 2014 the aided dispatch system ELS3 was taken into operation at the GARD in Hamburg ( The G.A.R.D. Ambulance and Rescue Service was founded in 1983; with more than 1.350 employees the company makes an important contribution to medical care for the people in the metropolitan Region Hamburg as well as at locations in Bremen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen und Sachsen. In summer 2013 the G.A.R.D. Group merged with the world’s largest ambulance service company, the Danish Falck Group ( Falck is a company based in Scandinavia with operations in over 40 countries. The SSE equips the G.A.R.D. next ELS 3 also with web-based transport order as well as vehicle software for communication with the control center.

Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Hesse – Structural Reform


From 2014, Hesse’s medical emergency services will be coordinated through two centers: Frankfurt and Kassel. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance in Hesse has now been one of SSE’s customers for years. The implementation of the structural reform paves the way for the new ELS3/ABD product by SSE. The main advantages lie within the connection of both locations, the seamless integration of all spread data and the easy retrieval of information. Thus, the health insurance in Hesse is well prepared for the future of the ABD.

SSE wins Tender in Valais Canton


In the Swiss canton of Valais, the “Organisation Cantonale Valaisanne des Secours (OCVS)” or “Canton Valais Rescue Organization (CVRO)” manages a bilingual operation center (German/French) in Sierre. The outdated IT equipment was advertised in form of a swiss-wide tender in the last quarter of 2013; SSE’s bid was accepted. This project will enable a distinct increase in efficiency within the rescue chain and thus provide help more quickly to where it is needed: with the patients.

Gasunie Coordinates Using ELS3


Gasunie Deutschland GmbH is responsible for the operation and management of the whole high and low pressure gas pipeline system in Northern Germany. Starting this year, the employees of the control centers are now provided with ELS3 by SSE as a new monitoring tool. Not only does it provide support for communicating in an emergency situation by its integrated Wikipedia system, but it also indicates piping systems and relevant measuring points in the Google-based geographic information system (GIS). For employees, this means an alleviation in their responsible jobs as dispatchers.

District Operation Center Vechta has New Digital Radio Connection

Thanks to SEE’s PCTouch product, the district operation center of the Vechta’s fire service can now dispatch more comfortably. AWS switching technology’s integrated touch-screen solution can not only be used to take on telephone and radio calls, it can also answer and initiate calls through the digital TETRA network. This is a real advantage for the user as there is only one operating level on which the whole communication with the outside world can be processed. For SSE, this is an extension of the standard solution PCTouch by digital trunked radio communications.

ELS3 in the Canton Basel-Land


SSE’s latest achievement, the latest version of ELS3, has now been installed at the operation center of the Canton Basel-Land (BL) in Switzerland. The operation center coordinates medical, ambulance and patient-transfer emergencies around the clock. Hereby, the cooperation with the neighboring cantons takes on an important role. Quick transfer of operations, few work steps to reach an aim and quick alerting of all resources involved are a priority here. The service package also includes a seamless ELS3 integration into the hospital infrastructure and its connection to important systems such as voice recording.

Online Duty Scheduling for Doctors


The Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (AHIP) provide their participating doctors with a wide range of services. Increasingly, the trend is going towards online duty scheduling. All of SEE’s statutory health insurance customers offer online tools to schedule duties (AHIP Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, Westphalia-Lippe, North Rhine). Everyone involved knows the advantage: The connected guide-system always has the current data without importing/exporting efforts or manual post-capture. SSE offers the AHIPs a consistent service portfolio including (online) duty scheduling, operation control system (ELS3/ABD) and an accounting interface.

ELS3 at Munich Airport


For the second time in a row, Aicher Ambulanz Union won the tender for providing the mobility service at Munich Airport. Passengers with mobility restrictions, blind persons and those in need of help can receive competent assistance when boarding and disembarking aircrafts and when transferring between flights. Now, dispatching makes use of the new ELS3 by SSE, which guarantees a smooth flow of business due to the seamless integration of the software into the airport’s sophisticated IT infrastructure and the highly redundant network structure. Thus, hundreds of passengers can rely on a chain of humanity.

SSE Implements Pay-by-phone Parking Europe


Telematics Pro certifies and structures the German market for pay-by-phone parking. This still young technology enables the payment of parking tickets via mobile phone and is immensely popular throughout Europe.  In cooperation with the operator-independent platform service, new national and international municipalities are being integrated every month. It is SSE’s obligation to develop this neutral platform for Europe’s pay-by-phone parking system and thus create a basis for fair competition and a public service that goes beyond national borders. Since July 1, 2013, more than 18 cities in Germany and Austria have been integrated into the service.

Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians North Rhine and Westphalia-Lippe


The Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians North Rhine and Westphalia-Lippe collectively operate the “Medical Emergency Call Center NRW.“ This center processes emergency calls for approximately 18 million citizens around the clock. For the past ten years, the medical emergency call center has trusted in SEE software and is now going for an upgrade with ELS3. This new update provides duty scheduling for doctors via internet, integrated Wikipedia system and data interfaces for the transport service via TomTom. These are the highlights of the software that were implemented in 2013. SSE has won a multi-stage tendering process against international competition.

Plant Fire Department at VW in Emden Relies on ELS3


“Fire in hall 11 – person in danger” – Emergency calls like this reach the operation center of the fire department at Volkswagen’s plant in Emden. Naturally, the fire department reacts quickly and with due prudence. Since 2013, ELS3 by SSE has been supporting their work. It provides quick acceptance of operations by a connection to the fire-alarm system (Siemens TOPSIS), maintenance of internal statistics and exports mission reports according to the group’s standard.  In addition, the communication technology has been updated: PCTouch by SSE provides the dispatcher with a simple solution to operate all means of communication.

MTU Aero Engines Puts Their Trust in ELS3


MTU Aero Engines manufactures engines for civil and military aviation. Since 1995, the plant’s fire department is a SSE customer and uses the operation control system ELES. With the release of ELS3, a market overview was performed and a tender was run, which SSE was able to win in its favor. The latest system generation by SSE is to be implemented with MTU; the close connection with the fire alarm system (Bosch, Esser) and the medical documentation (Zoll Ambulance Pad) are ground-breaking. Even the vehicle of the fire department will be equipped with a touch screen application for tablets developed by SSE. This allows the operations manager to electronically retrieve the correct object plans and data sheets within seconds.

Polycom Update on Latest Generation for Uri Canton


Already since 2005, the traffic police of the Uri Canton/Switzerland has been using Frequentis’ (Austria) communication system. The user interface was created by SSE and provides interfaces with several technologies for the operation center environment: camera control, light technology, more than 1,000 sensors and alarm triggers. For some years now, the digital radio network Polycom has been integrated into the system and is comfortably operated via a user interface; the update to the latest version of Polycom activates several new features for the police and improves the performance. The redundant system supports the dispatcher in busy situations to keep track of everything.  (Photo: Caspari Donato)

Aargau Canton Decides to Use ELS3


The Aargau Canton (AG) in Switzerland is a “customer of the first hour.” For more than 15 years, SSE’s technology has been implemented in the second product generation. With the decision for the latest ELS3 product line, the medical emergency service consistently continues its work with SSE. Not only was all data seamlessly transferred, new technologies were also integrated: data transfer to iPhone and iPad, integration of operation centers in the new watch alarm client and implementation of a comfortable function for ordering patient transfer services for integrated hospitals – to name a few of the many features. We look forward to our continued cooperation with this motivated team.

(Photo: Aargauer Zeitung/ksc)

ELS3 for Ambulance Services of Inner Switzerland

Dispomed bei der Johanniter Unfallhilfe in Giessen

The ambulance service center of Inner Switzerland (SNZ144) supplies the cantons of Lucerne, Zug, Uri, Obwalden and Nidwalden. All emergency calls are answered and processed at the Lucerne central office, which has gradually been extended and enlarged over the past years. Monitoring the quality was just as important as the implementation of several shortcuts in the work processes.   Implementing the ELS3 system was one of these: As a long-term customer of SSE, specific requirements from Lucerne had already been taken into account and implemented accordingly during the two-year planning phase. The implementation ran smoothly. Not only had the employees been provided with a new tool, the technology was also brought up to date this way.

Mission Documentation for Emergency Doctors emDoc


In 2010, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Bavaria switched the documentation of the Divi Protocol (German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine) to a paperless process. A Europe-wide tender was held for the development and maintenance of a web portal for this purpose. After several rounds, SSE was able to win this tender. The system has now been in full operation for over a year and manages approximately 400,000 emergency missions per year. The general conditions of this ambitious project were the basic documentation’s sophisticated data structure, the high requirements in terms of availability and the ongoing updates of legal regulations.