SSE Software GmbH was founded by today’s owner Mark Sándor in 1991. Once a typical “one-man operation”, SSE today has 9 employees working in the areas of programming, design and support. Our company supports approximately 35 customers – from small-scale companies to global players.

Service Portfolio

Our strength lies within systematic project management: from specification and design, to implementation, introduction and operation phases. We focus on a smooth integration of standard with custom software, which allows for company-wide solutions between different systems and platforms. Our technical orientation clearly lies with Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.


Since our early specialization in operation control systems, we have been, despite our moderate size, one of the few constants in our industry. Our customers range from public service, to the manufacturing and corporate sectors. By supporting the German National Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (NASHIP) with our software, we make medical care for 40 million people possible; with our operation control systems we are the market leader in German-speaking Switzerland.

Mission Statement

As a lean company, we will use our flexibility fully to your advantage. Our principles are:

  • The customer is not simply a number to us but an individual with specific needs and requirements.
  • We strive to find the perfect solution for our customers.
  • We exclusively seek long-term partnerships.
  • We not only identify synergy effects, we also apply them.
  • We consider ourselves a fair partner.

What we expect from ourselves:

  • We strive to constantly monitor our own position.
  • We aspire to design and create new systems using modern technological solutions.
  • The connection with our customers is built on trust and continuity.
  • We want our doors to be open for any kind of problem.
  • We choose exemplary and respectful communication.