Product – ELS3

Operation Control System

ELS3, which stands for Einsatzleitsystem, is the latest-generation operation control system for the application in fire departments and in ambulance-, rescue-, and emergency medical services. It includes modules for acceptance of operation, disposition, and alerting, and for operations command, completion and reporting. In addition to different interfaces, various plug-ins are available, which guarantee a tailored solution to a specific application.

Geographic Information System

The complex geographic information system (GIS) can use different map materials (e.g. Google, OpenStreetMap, Bing, Yahoo, ArcView).  It is seamlessly integrated into ELS3 and is able to depict complex situations, for example in open operations, ongoing operations, scheduling suggestions and the result of research or statistical evaluations.

Window Technique

With its revolutionary window technique, ELS3 enables a completely new individual configuration of the user interface: The windows set-up, the number of screens and pre-defined screen layouts are freely adjustable.  The administrator can create templates which users are able to apply with a simple mouse click.

Rights and Role Concept

Authorizations for employees can easily be assigned via an elaborate rights and role concept. Every function of the control system can be individually added or turned off as required per registered user or workstation. This means that, for example, employees who also work as data administrators are able to use the needed functions directly within the software.


The system’s structure is based on the three-level “Thin-Client” architecture; the clients communicate with the server via SOAP/XML. Thus, remote workplaces can be easily implemented. The Microsoft SQL Server is used as database – additional databases are available upon request. Microsoft Windows (Server and Client) is used consistently. The database is designed redundantly; even in case of a database server downtime, users can continue working. ELS3 is completely internationalized and, therefore, can be used anywhere in the world.


One of the main characteristics of a control system is the connection to the outside world via various interfaces. Over 100 different interfaces (in-coming and out-going) with various fire-alarm systems, digital alerting, e-mail, alarm pressure, fax, pager, SMS, medical documentation, telephony and internal hospital information systems can be supported. Additional interfaces are available for special control centers, such as SITA for aviation operations or taxi interfaces for transport services.

Security Alerting

With the security alerting developed with ELS3, ambulance stations are able to connect with control centers using a standard Internet connection. Via this connection, ambulance stations receive information on new calls, on the ambulance’s location using the Geographical Information System, and they are also able to print out alerting dispatches. Additionally, after the end of an emergency, a completion of the operation can be carried out.


An iPhone/iPad-App was developed for ELS3, which possesses the following functions: operation alerting, status reports, notifications and position information.

Web Modules

The internet modules were designed using “Web 2.0″ technology. Hospitals and practices are offered a comfortable ordering option for ambulance services online: Entering calls reach the system in real time. The web-based module offers the ambulance stations an overview on the vehicle’s current position and on ongoing operations, and it monitors the call queue.

Integrated Wikipedia

The integrated Wikipedia system has multiple benefits: The user documentation is always available, and instructions, emergency plans and forms can be saved; this creates a central point for all information difficult to structure. Of course, it is also possible to create links to specific Wikipedia pages in the operation control system, such as in support when accepting a call (guideline) or with special instructions for processing (measures).

Plant Security, Plant Safety and Plant Fire Department

ELS3 provides special modules for the use in security control centers. These include the management of warning devices and systems, checklists with QR code for warning devices, task management, welding joints surveillance, duty scheduling and revision management to just name a few of the many features of these additional plug-ins.

Medical Emergency Service

ELS3 offers a wide range of further modules for the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians – click here for more information.

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