Product – ELS3/ABD

Operation Control System ELS3/ABD for Medical Emergency Services

With ELS3/ABD (formerly “DispoMed”), SEE addresses the requirements of the medical emergency services. It is completely based on ELS3 – the basic system for latest generation of operation control systems. In the following, the main specific modules are briefly described:

Duty Scheduling

Communication channels that allow exchange in medical emergency services depend on up-to-date duty schedules. Therefore, ELS3 provides several access points, which can be used as an integrated module for operations centers or administrations as well as a web module for the participating doctors and representatives. With ELS3 it is possible to schedule services, publish the swapping of and changes in services and manage physician master data. Since this is a fully integrated system, there is no interface between duty scheduling and operation control system and, therefore, there are also no submission problems.

Recording of Emergency Calls

At the operation center, calls from patients are directly recorded in the system. This makes different support options, such as text templates and object databases, available. All procedures are recorded by the system including entries on dates, times and employees; thereby evaluations and follow-up checks are always guaranteed.

Operations Scheduling

During the scheduling process, missions are forwarded to the doctors: individually or en bloc, by phone or by another information channel (e-mail, SMS, iPhone app, GPS). Our geographic information system supports mission scheduling by automatically displaying the current situation and relieving the dispatcher. The system allocates assignments according to operating rules, which can range from rather simple areas of responsibility to more complex “nearest suitable doctor” strategies.

Web Services

ELS3 is complemented by various web applications for medical emergency services, and it is designed as a service for the participating doctors and representatives; most notably the schedule swap component: Here, doctors have the possibility to look for a substitute or take on available duties; if requested, they can receive information about current available duties via newsletter.


Once the services are completed, data can be collected and forwarded to the accounting department. Alternatively, the estimated amount for stand-by duties can be calculated directly in ELS3.


In order to make master data maintenance more effortless, different health insurance physician registers have been integrated into ELS3; thus, the master data of those physicians on emergency duty is automatically and constantly fetched and updated. Telephony is seamlessly integrated to support operations centers: answering incoming calls and mission scheduling can now be done by mouse click.

ELS3/ABD has been developed and constantly improved for the daily routine of scheduling medical emergency services. For over 10 years, many German health insurances have put their trust in us.

® ELS3 by SSE is a registered trademark of SSE Software GmbH.