Product – PCTouch


PCTouch is an interface operated by mouse or touch screen for comfortably controlling telephony, radio and various other technologies. It is typically operated within control centers (e.g. fire department, security, plant security) or management centers of the central building control system. This makes operating various technologies consistent and easier for the user.


Telephony and radio are the most used means of communication in control centers. PCTouch has taken this into account: The user-friendly interface provides setting up connections, answering calls and switching radio channels by mouse click, no matter the technical infrastructure.

There is more to PCTouch: It seamlessly integrates further technologies such as video controlling, speaking points and building services (controlling lights, gates, doors, openers, baffle gates and turnstyles) into one operating level.


PCTouch provides the integrated technologies via a central interface. Thus, for example, the operation control computer system can activate all processes in the control center via a standardized interface: alerting, controlling building services, video connections etc.. This bidirectional interface also provides all incoming data, such as answering an emergency call with detailed information on the participant.

System Construction

PCTouch does not require certain brands and is manufacturer independent. The system platform on client and server side is Windows. It is possible to design the server component redundantly to ensure ongoing processes even with hardware defects.

If desired, we’d be happy to send you a complete list of implemented interfaces.